Prof. Satyanegara, prominent neurologist succeeds in studying abroad, missing hometown

Prof. Satyanegara, prominent neurologist succeeds in studying abroad, missing hometown

 reported by: Setiawan Liu

Jakarta, January 18, 2023/Indonesia Media – Studying abroad especially in Japan, there are three things which Professor Satyanegara is always missing from his hometown, Semarang, namely a very old house in Labuan street, Karangtempel sub district, ambengan soup and the atmosphere of his family house in the school complex. As an expert of neurology, Satyanegara admitted that he lived in that old house which had been built during Dutch colonialism. “The house belongs to us, my family. I am not willing to sell the house. Although I left Semarang (October 1958), I remain firmly and remember the house. I did a renovation seeing that the house is my family memory,” Satyanegara said

Some parts of the house were destroyed by termites and inundated by flood. But the termites have died. Besides, the floor construction (of the house) has been raised. Since then, the house has never been inundated anymore. He considers the family’s old house, has been filled with an atmosphere of honor to the parents. “I use the specific term ‘memper’ which is actually a language of Semarang people. Since I went abroad, I have left the family and I am always missing my hometown,” said Satyanegara.

Three years after his departure from Semarang (to Japan) for medical studies in October 1958, the house had just been bought by his family. It was exactly in 1955, the house was bought and it still exists till now (January 2023). So the house has belonged to the family for almost 70 years. Since the house was renovated and rented, he still can feel the atmosphere of familyhood. “Before I left Semarang (for Japan), there was a pet monkey. At that time, I did not know where the female monkey had come from. When I returned to Semarang (in 1968), the monkey did not recognize me anymore, except my Daddy. Guessing, the house has existed for around 100 years, it was built during the era of colonialism. I returned to Indonesia in 1972. Six years later (in 1968), I did a renovation to keep the memory, showing an honor to my parents,” said Satyanegara.

The family lived inside the housing complex of the school in which his parents worked as teachers. Therefore, his parents deserved to get the facility of the house with two bedrooms. The family consists of five people, he himself and his siblings occupied one bedroom. When he returned to Indonesia (in 1972), the school building was renovated. So the bedrooms were demolished for the reason of aesthetic view of the surroundings. “Beneath the wall, there was a garden. Guessing, the female monkey came from the garden, jumping the wall,” said Satyanegara.

Another thing which Satyanegara is always missing in Semarang local cuisine. Semarang has various foods such as spring roll, tripe fried rice, gandung rice, gimbal, herbal drink, etc. but he prefers to eat ambengan soup which has been known as Semarang local cuisine. The stall was located in the complex of a Chinese temple. But it was moved to the city center of Semarang. “Every time I return to my hometown, Semarang, I will always drop by the stall to eat the soup. Spring rolls are sold everywhere, in every corner of Semarang. But Ambengan soup can only be found in one location,” said Satyanegara. (sl/IM)

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