Prof. Satyanegara & RSPP, Flashback Reveals Dedication for 60 Years

Prof. Satyanegara & RSPP, Flashback Reveals Dedication for 60 Years

reported by: Setiawan Liu

Jakarta, December 18, 2023/Indonesia Media – Such a day as morning routines were different, that there was an important thing on floor one, in Pertamina (Indonesian national oil company)’s headquarter on December 20, 1990. All of the directors of Pertamina looked cheerful and happy. One by one, of the guests who attended (the ceremony) congratulated them (the directors). Starting from Pertamina’s officials, members of Indonesian parliament (DPR)’s commission VI, journalists, etc congratulated them.


It was obvious that Pertamina’s directors received congratulations. Six directors, and one junior director, and the Head of Pertamina’s central hospital (RSPP), and others received medals of honour Satya Lencana, due to their years of service and merit. The medals were awarded by Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mining, Ginardjar Kartasasmita.


The ceremony of awarding Satya Lencana, based on the Presidential Decree Number 083/TK/the year of 1990, after considering the services and dedications to the nation, in the sectors of oil and gas, and in the event of Indonesian economic development.


The directors who received the medals, namely Indra Kartasasmita (director of airport shipping and communication), H. Baharuddin (general director), RIJ Soetopo (director of marketing), Tabrani Ismail (director of processing), Gustaaf Athur Sigar Nayoan (director of exploration and production), Soegianto (director of finance), Kartijoso (junior director of processing), Prof. Satyanegara (head of RSPP) and Deradjat Zahar (general staff to the chief director).


Satya Lencana award, given to Indra Kartasasmita for the merits such as the marketing initiative of crude oil and Low Sulphur Waxy Residue (LSWR) to Japan, and standard fixation of Voyage Cost & non-voyage cost for LNG shipments, etc.



Besides that, Indra Kartasasmita, who was born in Jakarta, November 2, 1938, had studied in Doshisha university, majoring in economic marine transportation, Kyoto Japan, had developed telecommunication systems for Pertamina.

Meanwhile, Prof. Satyanegara said that he was proud to have received the award Satya Lencana during the ceremony at that time. He deserved to get the award after he managed to develop RSPP as a modern, effective, efficient hospital. And the management of RSPP did not suffer from big losses after Satyanegara had been assigned. Besides that, he is a successful expert after he improved neuroscience in both national and international levels. Since he took office as the head of RSPP, he has managed to cut spending by thirty percents. The number of patients also increased by thirty percent per day.


as time passes, Prof. Satyanegara, a senior neurosurgeon still dedicates in Indonesia for around sixty years. He improved his career especially in the healthcare industry, including genomics, neurosurgeon, etc. he said that work overload in some hospitals and polyclinics which were controlled by RSPP’s headquarters. The work overload occurred when he gave medical treatments regularly, which the number (of patients) exceeded his capacity. When he had just been assigned for a year, as the section head of operations in RSPP in September 1972, he was immediately requested to handle another 15 polyclinics, Pertamina Jaya hospital (RSPJ). “at the beginning, he served as the head of operation. After a year, he was trusted to handle the operation room of the whole polyclinics which were the subsidiaries of RSPP. There were fifteen polyclinics including RSPJ (Jend. Ahmad Yani street, Cempaka Putih area, central Jakarta). There are seventeen hospitals in total,” he said.


Besides, he served as the leader of the medical team for the late Soeharto (Indonesian president, 1966 – 1998) and the family members at that time. He was supposed to control all polyclinics which were RSPP’s subsidiaries in some provinces, such as Balikpapan (east Kalimantan), Manado (north Sulawesi), subdistrict Pangkalan Susu (Langkat regency, North Sumatera), Pangkalan Brandan (the fishing port in Langkat regency, north Sumatera). “Such a situation of work overload, I was still fortunate to find some professors, and state ministers who were willing to share advices, suggestions to me, how to handle all hospitals in some places throughout Indonesia,”


In general, he handled three tasks with the classification respectively at that time. By that time, he had just been offered to return (from Japan) to Indonesia by Indonesian former president, the late Soeharto in September 1972. “When I returned to Indonesia, I put pride and dedication to the people. I have to handle three tasks simultaneously,” he said.

There are routines at the hospital and polyclinics, and he still had to do inspections in some regions. Fortunately, transportation facilities were provided by Pertamina every time he made a visit to a particular region. At that time, he was the first minority who had been trusted to handle Pertamina’s hospitals in the regions. Time went on, there was a dynamic change toward the oil and gas industry, either on a national or global level. Pertamina made big efforts to improve all aspects, which were actualized in comprehensive corporate restructuring.


The program of restructuring demanded independent supporting facilities which were controlled by Pertamina. Since Pertamina needed to improve consistency in its core business, focusing on energy. Therefore Pertamina removed business activities which were not related to core business. “Pertamina was redesigned and developed by the government at that time. RSPP was supposed to stand on its own feet, focusing on oil and gas only. RSPP was established by certificate number 30, October 21, 1997. I was chosen as the first director (for RSPP). I heard that my picture is still put there in the director’s room. But I have never seen one since I took my retirement from Pertamina in 1999,” he said. (sl/IM)





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