Khulan’s devotion to Mongolian distinguished culture through MCC Tanjung Lesung


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Setiawan Liu

Pandeglang, May 30, 2018/Indonesia Media – Khulan Oyunbat, the manager of Mongolian Cultural Centre (MCC) in Tanjung Lesung resort, Panimbang, of Banten province walked back and forth, trying to help her colleague organizing the event, namely installment of Indonesian honorary ambassador for Korea base NGO (non-governmental organization) a few weeks ago. Although she is in charge of MCC which is located just hundreds metres, she was obliged for helping her colleagues. “I come to Tanjung Lesung every weekend to take care of MCC. Because I have another job, (namely) tourist information in Jakarta. I work alone, I mean I am the only Mongolian working in MCC. But I have another one Indonesian staff who help me working in MCC,” said Khulan.

MCC was established in November 2016, and officially launched by Indonesian Tourism Ministry’s official, former Mongolian ambassador to Indonesia, Mdm. Shagdar Battesetseg, Board of Director PT Tanjung Lesung. MCC is the first one in Southeast Asia, and was designed originally from Mongolian architect. MCC features many distinguished and intagible cultural heritage such as calligraphy, pure land Buddhism, etc. “We still have to work hard to attract many visitors. The target (of number of visitors to MCC) will help promote Mongolia tourism too. 200 hundred Indonesian tourists will go to Mongolia next August. So I have to prepare travel itinerary,” said Khulan.

MCC is one of the attractions in which people love to see during the visit to Tanjung Lesung resort. The idea of establishing MCC initiated by the operator of Tanjung Lesung, namely PT Banten West Java Tourism Development (BWJTD)’s director, SD Darmono. During his first visit to Mongolia, he came to think of presenting the country’s distinguished culture in Indonesia. “MCC is operated by Mongolian government, in which the consul general in Jakarta takes care fully. I can speak a little Bahasa Indonesia, which may be helpful for me to give information for Indonesian visitors to MCC,” said Khulan.

Since MCC is still new, BWJTD and Mongolian government still seeks potential investment to develop the attraction. The two parties will build another facilities including hotel. So far, the government and BWJTD have only cultural centre in MCC. They need to promote more about Mongolian, including Buddhism, the food, nomadic people of Mongolia, etc. “We will invite some traditional Mongolian dancer next August. Since that Mongolian people like to dance, and tourist to Tanjung Lesung will see the beautiful dance,” said Khulan.

Apart from that, Khulan wishes she can stay longer in Indonesia. Since she is responsible to promote the country, she is basically an adventurous person. Her childhood dream, she wishes to stay not only in her country, but another two or three foreign countries. Indonesia is her first country she works in tourism. “For me, I do not want to live in one country only. Before I die, I have to find another place such as Indonesia. Although the two countries have big differences including the climate, the geography, etc. Mongolia is high land, mountainous, desert. So it is a big different comparing to Indonesia which has many beaches, and seas. we have millions animals-livestock. 23 million sheeps, 22 million goats, 3.2 million horses, 3.7 million cowss and 350.000 camels. The situation is very much different comparing to Indonesia. People mostly eat sea-food in Indonesia, including visitors to Tanjung Lesung. For me, I am still okay. I can eat rice, vegetable which are rare in my country,” said Khulan.

Agriculture is the traditional sectors of Mongolia. It provides 20 percent of domestic products to the local population. Therefore most of the people, almost half of the whole population work in agriculture and livestock sectors. One percent of prairie used in agriculture, 75 percent used on pasture. Mongolia mainly cultivated vegetables such as wheat, barley, corn, potators, carrots, cabbage and onions. The country is located in the central part of asia, placing 17th in the world’s landmass. The situation in northern hemisphere frigid zones of the middle latitudes. The country has a unique climate. Winter is long and cold, summer is warm and short. “I am still young, so I can adjust to live here in Indonesia with different climate from my country. When I prepare travel itinerary which will last around seven days for tourists, I have to make sure of the weather also. It is very cold there,” said Khulan. (SL/IM)

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    May 31, 2018 at 11:25 pm

    Mongolian Lamb yummy juga tuh

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