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Readout of the meeting of the President and National Security Advisor with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang

Posted on January 5 2011 by The White House / IM

show details 4:26 PM (3 hours ago) THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ______________________________________________________________________________ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     January 4, 2011 Readout of the meeting of the President and National Security Advisor with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi National Security Advisor Tom Donilon met today with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in the White […]

Lagi, Anak Syah Iran Bunuh Diri

Posted on January 5 2011 by Renne R.A Kawilarang, Denny Armandhanu

Dia menderita depresi yang parah setelah kematian adiknya, yang bunuh diri pada Juni 2001 Putra bungsu Syah Iran Reza Pahlavi ditemukan tewas bunuh diri dengan senjata api di Kota Boston, Amerika Serikat, Selasa 4 Januari 2011 waktu setempat. Sebelum ditemukan tewas, pria bernama Alireza Pahlavi itu diketahui menderita depresi berkepanjangan sejak keluarganya terusir dari Iran […]

What’s New In High School? Stress Reduction 101

Posted on January 4 2011 by Tovia Smith/NPR

With college application deadlines looming, and some early decision letters already in the mail, high school seniors are facing a lot of anxiety. There’s enormous pressure on kids these days. But it turns out that getting schools, parents – and even kids – to ratchet it down is easier said than done. Beaver Country Day […]

Five reasons to feel better about 2011

Posted on January 4 2011 by Christine Romans, CNN

Unless you stocked up on stocks, 2010 was a year to forget for your money. The much-anticipated recovery in real estate never arrived, and about 6.3 million people have been unemployed for at least six months. So we look to 2011 warily. But there are five reasons to feel better about your money in the […]

Into The Tunnels: Exploring The Underside Of NYC

Posted on January 3 2011 by Jacki Lyden /NPR

Steve Duncan lives dangerously. The urban explorer goes underground, examining the hidden infrastructure of major cities all over the world – their tunnels, subways, sewers. In New York City, his favorite underground adventure, he could drown when the tide comes in or succumb to toxic gases in the sewers. He could be hit by a […]

Obama aide: Debt limit fight could be “catastrophic”

Posted on January 3 2011 by Caren Bohan / rtrs

A fight over the budget loomed on Sunday as a top aide to President Barack Obama warned of catastrophic consequences if Republicans follow through on threats to reject an increase in the nation’s borrowing limit. Republicans, who will take control of the House of Representatives this week, are demanding spending cuts to curb the $1.3 […]

Tahun Baru, Seribu Burung Jatuh dari Langit

Posted on January 3 2011 by Ismoko Widjaya, Denny Armandhanu

Sebanyak lebih dari 1.000 burung hitam berguguran jatuh ke tanah dari langit. Kejadian aneh membuat pusing tim penyidik terjadi di kota Beebe, negara bagian Arkansas, Amerika Serikat. Sebanyak lebih dari 1.000 burung hitam berguguran jatuh ke tanah dari langit, sampai saat ini peneliti masih belum memastikan penyebab matinya burung-burung ini. Komisi Perikanan dan Perburuan Arkansas, […]

Oprah’s Cable Channel Flickers to Life

Posted on January 2 2011 by BRIAN STELTER / NYT

At precisely 12 o’clock on New Year’s Day, Oprah Winfrey welcomed television viewers to OWN, a cable channel that she has said will espouse her “live your best life” mantra. OWN, short for The Oprah Winfrey Network, flickered to life in about 85 million television households in the United States, replacing the Discovery Health Channel. […]

NYC welcomes 2011 with traditional ball-drop, revelers

Posted on January 1 2011 by Jordana Ossad, CNN

An estimated 1 million people marked the passing of one year and the beginning of another in New York’s Times Square with the descent of an iconic ball. With the help of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Salvatore A. Giunta, the dazzling crystal ball began its 70-foot drop at 11:59 […]

Tax breaks may boost paychecks by $40 a week

Posted on January 1 2011 by Steve Hargreaves/CNN

NEW YORK — Your paycheck will either shrink by a few dollars or grow by nearly $40 per week in 2011, thanks to the tax compromise lawmakers passed earlier this month. Slated to take effect in the first few weeks of 2011, a central component of the tax package included dropping the amount individuals paid […]

China Geser Amerika, Indonesia Masuk 5 Besar?

Posted on January 1 2011 by Gerard Lyons

Ekonomi dunia berada dalam super-cycle babak baru pertumbuhan tinggi. Asia pemenangnya? Perekonomian dunia kini berada dalam super-cycle (siklus-super). Ini adalah masa pertumbuhan global historis yang tinggi, yang berlangsung satu generasi atau lebih. Super-cycle yang ditandai dengan munculnya  pertumbuhan ekonomi yang cepat ini dinikmati oleh negara seperti Cina, India dan Indonesia sekarang. Ada banyak faktor pendorong […]

9.000 Fans Michael Jackson Tolak Tayangan Otopsi

Posted on December 31 2010 by Wartakota

PIHAK mendiang raja pop Michael Jackson membuat surat bernada marah kepada Discovery Communication atas program TV spesial yang akan membuka kembali upaya otopsi penyanyi itu. Seperti dilaporkan oleh TMZ, para penggemar siap memprotes tayangan khusus itu dan lebih dari sembilan ribu orang menandatangani petisi online yang meminta Discovery untuk tidak menyiarkannya. John Branca dan John […]

Kidney donation a condition of sisters’ release in Mississippi

Posted on December 31 2010 by Phil Gast, CNN

Two Mississippi sisters who have spent 16 years in prison over an $11 armed robbery will be released with an unusual stipulation: One must donate a kidney to the other. Gov. Haley Barbour, who suspended their sentences, said Wednesday that Gladys Scott, 36, must donate a kidney to her sister, Jamie, 38. Each of the […]


Posted on December 30 2010 by Tara Ongko / DT / IM

Los Angeles City Blessing Churches mempersembahkan drama “The King and I” pada Perayaan Natal 2010, yang diselenggarakan pada tanggal 18 Desember 2010, di 735 S. Mills Ave, Claremont. Walaupun hari hujan, acara ini dihadiri oleh 400 orang. Acara diawali dengan doa pembuka oleh Pastor Tom Lay, dilanjutkan dengan pertunjukan tari dari anak-anak Sekolah Minggu yang […]

Broadway’s Spider-Man Actress Quits Show After Injury

Posted on December 30 2010 by Alison Schwartz /CNN

The web of problems surrounding the Broadway production of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark just got more complicated: Lead actress Natalie Mendoza — who plays nemesis spider Arachne — quit the musical, the New York Daily News reports. Her departure from the show — which is the most expensive production in Broadway history — follows […]

Obama to delay 2012 budget by about a week: official

Posted on December 29 2010 by Alister Bull / rtrs

President Barack Obama, who has pledged to tackle long-term U.S. debt and deficit challenges, will delay the delivery of his fiscal year 2012 budget by about a week until after February 14. An administration official said on Monday the delay was due to the long time it took for the U.S. Senate to confirm Jack […]

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