IM Greece Tour # 6 , 2016


dsc_0130-2By Nathan Hanadi / IM

Traveling is such an exciting adventure and because of this, I always try to join my parents when they travel with IM tour. After being a part of IM tour multiple times, I find that the system works very well. With IM tours, not only do you get to see numerous sights in a short amount of time but also, you can plan your own sights to see during the free time.  In addition, you may also split up from the group (although you must plan well to not get left behind!) and explore specific sights just like during our Greece trip where 4 people went to visit Kefalonia. I just wanted to share my experience of this side trip to Kefalonia.

So 2 hours and a ferry ride later, we finally arrived at the island of Kefalonia. This island is located right off the coast of Zakynthos is actually the largest of the Ionian Islands. What separates Kefalonia from the other islands of Greece is not its size, but its lush natural scenery. Two of Kefalonia’s major nature attractions that we had a chance to see were the Drogarati Cave and the Melissani Cave. You will soon see how beautiful and prominent nature is in this island.

First off, we went to the Drogarati Cave. This cave is about 60 meters below ground level and is accessed by stairs that lead you down. As soon as I started walking down the stairs to the cave, I felt a pleasant surprise. The cave was filled with cool air. After being in the beating sun for a majority of this trip, the cool cave was a very pleasant change in ambiance. It felt as if I walked into a massive refrigerator. Not only was this cave cold, it was huge. This is the only cave in Greece that has such a large room. What surprised me the most about this cave is that because it has such a large room, they are able to have actual concerts inside the cave.

Our final leg of this trip to Kefalonia consisted of the famous Melissani Cave. The Melissani Cave is very unique cave with a lake whose waters reach a depth of 39 meters. To get inside this cave, there was a short tunnel that led to the lake. This cave is unique because it not only has a lake inside it, but it also has an opening at the top of the cave that allows light to come in. This opening is what makes this cave such beautiful gem. The light through this opening makes the water so clear that the boats appear to be gliding through the air. The boat ride in this cave was such a breathtaking experience. The hues of blue and teal throughout the whole cave was just so vibrant. Birds were flying above us in the caves and abundant forest lied on top of the cave. The whole experience felt surreal.

Greece is such a beautiful country and it was exciting going with IM tour. I am definitely looking forward to join the IM tour next year to see Croatia, Slovenia, and Hungary which I hear are all beautiful places.( Nathan / IM )


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