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Congress Must Move Forward, Not Back On Wall Street Reform ( video)

Posted on May 19 2012 by The White House / IM

President Obama discusses the reforms to Wall Street that he put in place to protect consumers and make Wall Street play by the same set of rules — and calls on lawmakers to finish implementing these reforms so that we can prevent excessive risk-taking and help create an economy that is built to last.   […]

Facebook trading sets record IPO volume

Posted on May 19 2012 by CNN / IM

Facebook’s stock market debut finally came and went — but for all the breathless hype, shares ended right near their offering price. On Thursday night, Facebook (FB) set its final IPO price at $38 a share. When the stock began trading at 11:30 a.m. ET on Friday, the first trade came in at $42.05 per share – a […]

Kopi Luwak di Pameran Kopi Terbesar di Amerika Serikat 2012

Posted on May 18 2012 by Steve Hidajat / IM

Siapa sih yang tidak pernah dengar kopi luwak? Hampir semua peminum kopi pasti sudah pernah mendengar tentang kopi luwak. Bahkan kopi luwak ini masuk dan dipamerkan di dalam pameran kopi terbesar di Amerika Serikat (Specialty Coffee Association of America 24 th event), yang untuk tahun ini diadakan di Portland, Oregon. Sekedar informasi singkat untuk yang […]

May 2012: Photo of the Day

Posted on May 14 2012 by The White House / IM

May 2012: Photo of the Day           This post was submitted by The White House / IM.

Yemen plot exposes new world of U.S. spying

Posted on May 14 2012 by Pam Benson, CNN

As details of the foiled al Qaeda plot to blow up a U.S.-bound airline became public, the world learned not only about a daring operation to stop terrorists, but also about the new reality of how U.S. intelligence works. American and foreign intelligence partners working hand in hand to rid the world of the scourge […]

Pendiri Facebook Pindah Kewarganegaraan Untuk Hindari Pajak

Posted on May 14 2012 by Viva / IM
eduardo saverin Pendiri Facebook Pindah Kewarganegaraan Untuk Hindari Pajak

Eduardo Saverin, salah satu pendiri Facebook menanggalkan statusnya sebagai warga negara AS untuk pindah kewarganegaraan menjadi warna negara Singapura. Hal itu dilakukan oleh Saverin menjelang penawaran saham perdana kepada publik (IPO) Facebook yang akan berlangsung tidak lama lagi. Saverin mengambil keputusan tersebut untuk menghindari pajak yang sangat tinggi di AS. Saverin adalah salah satu orang yang ikut […]

Mark Zuckerberg Berpakaian Kurang Sopan Ketika Bertemu Investor

Posted on May 13 2012 by Viva / IM

Hoodie, yang merupakan kaus dan sweter dengan tudung, tampaknya merupakan pakaian favorit dari Mark Zuckerberg, founder sekaligur CEO dari raksasa jejaring sosial,Facebook. Saking cintanya dengan berpakainnya, ia mengenakan hoodie dalam acara formal, yang merupakan penentu dari masa depan jejaring sosial Facebook tersebut. Pada pekan ini, bos Facebook tersebut melakukan roadshow dengan menawarkan saham perdanaFacebook kepada para investor. Dan roadshow pertama Facebook tersebut diadakan di […]

Student debt: Where you attend college matters

Posted on May 12 2012 by Reuters / IM

If you thought four years at Princeton would leave you saddled with more debt than the University of Michigan, think again. Where you attend college can significantly impact how much you owe when you leave school. Thanks to generous financial aid policies and large endowments, students may find that an Ivy League degree, for example, […]

Obama announces he supports same-sex marriage ( video)

Posted on May 10 2012 by CNN

President Barack Obama said Wednesday he supports same-sex marriage, raising the political stakes on an issue over which Americans are evenly split. The announcement was the first by a sitting president and put Obama squarely at odds with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who on Wednesday said during an appearance in Oklahoma, “I believe […]

Bomber Celana Dalam Agen Saudi, Bukan AS

Posted on May 10 2012 by Denny Armandhanu / V V

Berkat laporannya, rencana pengeboman maskapai AS oleh al-Qaeda gagal dilakukan. Calon bomber celana dalam al-Qaeda yang merupakan mata-mata ternyata bukan agen ganda yang bekerja untuk CIA dan intel Arab Saudi, seperti yang diklaim Amerika Serikat. Menurut pernyataan pejabat Saudi, agen tersebut bekerja hanya untuk intelijen Saudi, bukan Amerika Serikat. Diberitakan CNN, Rabu 9 Mei 2012, sumber intelijen Saudi […]

White House Garden Tour

Posted on May 9 2012 by The White House / IM

For forty years, the White House has opened its doors and welcomed visitors from across the country to tour the White House grounds and gardens. This year, we invited our photo enthusiast followers on Google+ to join us for the first ever White House Google+ Photowalk. Bo makes a surprise appearance at the first White House Photowalk during Spring […]

Paskah Oikumene Masyarakat Indonesia

Posted on May 9 2012 by Partogi Samosir / IM

“Spread love and stop hatred! Itulah yang dilakukan oleh Panitia Paskah. Pemimpin agama berperan penting membina keharmonisan antar umat beragama melalui tutur kata yang tidak provokatif, yang tidak mengobarkan permusuhan,” demikian sambutan Duta Besar Dr. Dino Patti Djalal pada perayaan Paskah Oikumene Masyarakat Indonesia (POMI) di KBRI Washington D.C., Sabtu, 14 April 2012. Lebih lanjut […]

Congress Of Indonesian Diaspora

Posted on May 9 2012 by KJRI-LA / IM

WHY CID : Today, there are approximately more than 150,000 Indonesian as well as Americans of Indonesian descent living in the United States. They live, study or work in different parts of the US. They come from different ethnicities, religions, level of economy and level of education. They come with different ideas, different skills and potentials. […]

Raksasa Farmasi AS Pasarkan Obat Palsu

Posted on May 9 2012 by Denny Armandhanu / V V

Bisnis obat palsu semakin menggiurkan karena untungnya yang luar biasa besar. Salah satu perusahaan farmasi raksasa AS dengan keuntungan puluhan miliar dolar diganjar denda oleh pengadilan tinggi negara tersebut. Pasalnya, perusahaan ini diketahui memasarkan obat dengan label palsu demi mendapatkan untung berlimpah. Siapa sangka ini bukanlah kali pertama perusahaan farmasi AS melakukan kenakalan serupa. Sebelumnya, […]

New terrorist plot to attack plane foiled ( video)

Posted on May 8 2012 by Pam Benson, CNN

U.S. and other intelligence agencies recently broke up a plot to bomb an airliner and have seized an explosive device that is similar to ones previously used by al Qaeda, officials said Monday. The plot was discovered before it threatened any Americans, and no airliners were at risk, one U.S. counterrrorism said. A nonmetallic explosive […]

Celebrating Earth Day!

Posted on May 7 2012 by The White House / IM

On April 22nd, more than 1 billion people in 192 countries participated in the 42nd Earth Day. The President celebrated by designating a new National Monument at Fort Ord, a former military base in California. By protecting Ford Ord, President Obama has ensured that the area’s vast canyons and grasslands will provide enjoyment and recreation […]

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