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A Look Behind the U.S. Drop in Illegal Immigration

Posted on January 19 2012 by elly

Editor’s Note: A recent New York Times op-ed by Dowell Myers argues that we need to shift from an “immigration policy,” focused on border enforcement, to an “immigrant policy” focused on the integration of those who are already here. The argument is based on reports that illegal immigration to the United States has dropped dramatically. Michelle Mittelstadt, […]

The President and First Lady Welcome the St. Louis Cardinals to the White House ( video)

Posted on January 18 2012 by elly

Today, the President and First Lady hosted the St. Louis Cardinals at the White House to congratulate the team on its World Series win last year. The Cardinals, who President Obama called “the greatest comeback team in the history of baseball,” made the playoffs after rallying from a ten and a half game deficit with […]

4 Things you might not have known about your Cell Phone

Posted on January 18 2012 by elly

Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it: FIRST (Emergency) The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile network and there is an Emergency, dial 112 and […]

Helping American Businesses Succeed (video)

Posted on January 14 2012 by elly

President Obama discusses steps he’s taking to ensure that more goods and products stamped “Made in America” are sold in the United States and around the world.      

Making it Easier to Do Business in America

Posted on January 13 2012 by elly

Today, President Obama announced a new plan that will make it easier to do business in America. There are currently six major federal departments or agencies that focus on business or trade: the U.S. Department of Commerce’s core business and trade functions, the Small Business Administration, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the Export-Import Bank, the […]

Marines ID two of the men in urination ( video )

Posted on January 13 2012 by elly

Washington – Two of the four Marines shown in a video urinating on dead bodies sprawled out on the ground have been identified by the Marine Corps, a Marine Corps official told CNN Thursday. The names are not being made public, said the official, who did not want to be identified because the investigation is […]

Everything You Need to Know About Insourcing

Posted on January 12 2012 by elly

What is insourcing? After decades of watching American companies take jobs to other countries, we’re beginning to see entrepreneurs and manufactures make the decision to keep factories and production facilities here in the United States–or even bring jobs back to the U.S. from overseas. How do we know this is happening? For the past 22 months, […]

Why bankruptcy isn’t a brand killer ( video)

Posted on January 12 2012 by elly

Neither bankruptcy nor a liquidation can kill iconic brands. Before the ink was even dry on Hostess Brands’ bankruptcy filingWednesday morning, interested buyers were already digging into the potential value of the Hostess name and how Twinkie, Ding Dong or Wonder Bread could be repurposed into other consumer products. For now, Hostess will continue to churn […]

Indonesia’s Float Comes Back to the Rose Parade

Posted on January 11 2012 by elly

Pasadena, January 2, 2012 /Indonesia Media. The Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economies has succeeded in creating a floatto help regain Indonesia’s exotic presence in Pasadena’s 123rd Rose Parade. The float, “Wonderful Indonesia,” was awarded the President’s trophy for “Most Effective Use and Presentation of Flowers” out of 43 float participants. Internationally acclaimed float […]

Meninju Pramugari, Seorang Kakek Ditahan FBI

Posted on January 11 2012 by elly

HONOLULU, – Seorang kakek berusia 65 tahun ditahan Biro Penyelidik Federal AS (FBI) sesaat setelah tiba di Honolulu, Hawaii, Senin (9/1/2012). Ia dituduh menyerang seorang pramugari maskapai Delta Airlines yang ia tumpangi dari Tokyo, Jepang. Menurut pengaduan tindak pidana yang diterima Pengadilan Distrik AS, kakek bernama Sohei Yamanouchi tersebut menampar dan meninju salah satu pramugari […]

Jack Lew Will Replace Bill Daley as Chief of Staff ( video)

Posted on January 10 2012 by elly

Last week, my Chief of Staff, Bill Daley, informed me that after spending time reflecting with his family over the holidays, he decided it was time to leave Washington and return to our beloved hometown of Chicago. The President praised Daley’s service, saying that no one had been forced to make more important decisions more […]

Hari Buka Celana Bersama di Kereta

Posted on January 10 2012 by elly

New York,  Kelompok gila telanjang Improv Everywhere seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya, untuk membuka lembaran baru  di  tahun yang baru 2012 ini melakukan kampanye tahunannya dengan  “No Pants Subway Ride” alias naik kereta api tanpa celana panjang. Tahun ini kegiatan itu dilakukan pada Minggu (8/1/2012) kemarin. Tak hanya di New York, tempat kelompok itu bermarkas, tetapi ribuan […]

‘Sensitive’ items missing from US base

Posted on January 9 2012 by elly

Army is investigating the disappearance of weapons accessories like laser sights from a base in Washington state. The United States army is investigating the disappearance of “sensitive” equipment at a joint army and air force base in Washington state. The New Tribune of Tacoma said on its website on Sunday that a 100-member infantry company has […]

Terkait Perubahan Kebijakan Pertahanan AS, Tiongkok Ingaktkan Obama

Posted on January 8 2012 by elly

Otoritas Tiongkok menanggap serius pidato Presiden Amerika Serikat (AS) Barrack Obama soal pergeseran fokus pertahanan luar negeri negara itu dari Timur Tengah ke Asia Pasifik. Media massa Tiongkok mengatakan, kehadiran militer AS di Asia Pasifik bisa mengganggu perdamaian kawasan.  Dalam editorial kantor berita Tiongkok,Xinhua, Sabtu (7/1),  mengatakan, kebijakan Presiden Barack Obama untuk meningkatkan kehadiran militer di kawasan, […]

The Annual Resolutions Edition ( video)

Posted on January 7 2012 by elly

This week, the President traveled to Cleveland, Ohio, to discuss appointing Richard Cordray to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — which will protect families from predatory lenders – spoke on a comprehensive review of our defense strategy, and the White House staff shared its New Year’s resolutions.      

US jobless rate falls to three-year low ( video)

Posted on January 7 2012 by elly

In a boost to Obama, about 200,000 jobs created last month as unemployment rate dropped to 8.5 per cent. The US unemployment rate has dropped to a three-year low, which some economists say may be one of the strongest signs yet that the country’s recession-hit economy is improving. The jobless rate was at 8.5 per […]