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President Obama Salutes New American Citizens

Posted on July 7 2012 by The White House / IM

President Obama began his Independence Day celebrations by hosting a naturalization ceremony for active duty service members in the East Room of the White House. It was the third time the President has hosted this kind of service, and he told the audience, which included the families of the service members who were taking the oath […]

Virus will lock 4 million from Internet ( video)

Posted on July 7 2012 by CNN / IM

CNN’s Tom Foreman explains why a computer virus will impact Internet connections for millions worldwide.               This post was submitted by CNN / IM.

New ‘robo-butt’ responds to touch ( video)

Posted on July 6 2012 by CNN

Erin Burnett takes a look at a new invention that’s being hailed as an important step in the field of robotics.               This post was submitted by CNN.

Which city had the best fireworks?( video)

Posted on July 5 2012 by CNN / IM

U.S. cities celebrated the Fourth of July with a bang. Here’s a look at some firework displays from around the country. This post was submitted by CNN / IM.

Asylum boat in distress found off Indonesia

Posted on July 4 2012 by Al Jazeera / IM

Australian authorities say navy vessel was poised to help the stricken boat, believed to be carrying up to 180 people. Australian authorities boarded a boat packed with asylum seekers off Indonesia and began transferring the 164 on board to a navy ship after the vessel ran into trouble in rough seas.   Australia’s Customs and […]

Video: Fourth of July Celebration at the White House

Posted on July 3 2012 by The White House / IM

Watch a video from the Independence Day celebration at the White House. The President and First Lady joined more than 1,200 military heroes and their families for a barbeque, a special USO show featuring Train and Amos Lee, and a viewing of the fireworks over the National Mall.       This post was submitted by […]

It’s a 1 in 10 million birth ( video)

Posted on July 3 2012 by CNN / IM

CNN affiliate WTIC reports on the birth of a rare white buffalo in Connecticut.               This post was submitted by CNN / IM.

Disabled struggle for a place in Jakarta ( video)

Posted on July 2 2012 by Step Vaessen / Al Jz

Physically impaired Indonesians now have more chances, but face lax enforcement of laws for their benefit. Fikri spends his days in a wheelchair, begging from drivers on the busy streets of Jakarta. Even in Indonesia’s capital, the country’s laws requiring special assistance for the disabled are not being enforced. Few businesses want to employ Fikri, who […]

A tax or a penalty? Romney, Obama camps debate healthcare ruling

Posted on July 1 2012 by Steve Holland/ Rtrs

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took his fight against President Barack Obama’s newly upheld healthcare law out on the campaign trail on Friday, attempting to use it to galvanize support for his bid to oust Obama on November 6. Campaign supporters of Obama sought to blunt Republican criticism that the law will amount to a […]

Chinese space mission returns to Earth ( video)

Posted on June 30 2012 by Al Jazeera / IM

Three people, including country’s first female astronaut, land safely after successfully carrying out mission Three astronauts have returned to Earth after achieving China’s first manual docking in orbit, a milestone in the country’s effort to build a space station by the end of the decade. The return of the trio, including the country’s first female […]

“The Right Thing to Do” ( video)

Posted on June 29 2012 by The White House / IM

This week, the President spoke at the annual NALEO conference, hosted the Congressional Picnic and addressed the nation on the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act, while his administration announced grants for cities hiring veterans as police officers, and spoke with students about college affordability       This post was submitted by […]

Obamacare ruling paints different picture of health

Posted on June 29 2012 by CNN / IM

The U.S. Supreme Court made a landmark ruling Thursday upholding the controversial, massive reform of health care coverage initiated by President Barack Obama. Here are four things Americans learned about the federal government’s grand vision to ensure health care for everyone under so-called Obamacare: Skipping insurance no longer an option The individual mandate is the […]

Recognition battle over Jesus’ birthplace

Posted on June 29 2012 by Al Jazeera / IM

Upcoming UNESCO vote on whether to add Church of Nativity in Bethlehem to world heritage list likely to be contentious. Bethlehem, occupied Palestinian territories - For millions of Christians around the world, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is a place for worship and contemplation, a revered site worth travelling thousands of kilometres for a […]

Local leaders want to divide Papua to save it

Posted on June 29 2012 by Ferdinand Pandey/ Jkt post

Three regions in Papua and one in West Papua are looking to become new provinces in the hope of reversing sluggish development under former and current administrations. The petitioners have urged the Papuan Consultative Assembly (MRP) to issue a recommendation approving their formation. “We have received four proposals to form new provinces in Papua and […]

Watch man start fire at gas station ( video)

Posted on June 28 2012 by CNN / IM

An Australian man started a fire at a gas station when he tested his lighter while pumping gas.                 This post was submitted by CNN / IM.

Religious Leaders Support President Obama’s Stance on Immigration Reform

Posted on June 27 2012 by The White House / IM

Religious Leaders Support President Obama’s Stance on Immigration Reform     From Pope Benedict to prominent Protestant pastors, clergy from a variety of faiths are raising their voices on behalf of immigrants and the need to fix the broken system.President Obama has consistently and forcefully called for a comprehensive solution to the immigration challenges we face. In an […]

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