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Mother sues Monster Beverages over death of son, 19

Posted on June 28 2013 by Daily Mail / IM

Mother sues Monster Beverages over death of son, 19, ‘who suffered heart attack after drinking two energy drinks every day for three years’ Maryland teenager Alex Morris went into cardiac arrest in July last year He drank two cans of Monster energy drink every day for three years, including on the day of his death […]

Demand For Ammunition Is Up. Why Aren’t Prices?

Posted on June 27 2013 by NPR

Sales of guns and ammunition rose after President Obama took office in 2008, and they went through the roof starting late last year, when a school shooting led to a push for new gun control measures. That’s led to a prolonged ammunition shortage, even with manufacturers running at full capacity. A gun owner in Florida […]

Indonesians rally against fuel price hike (video)

Posted on June 27 2013 by Al jazeera / IM

Parliament approves budget amendments paving way for first hike since 2008 amid widespread protests against decision. Thousands of protesters have rallied across Indonesia against government plans to hike the price of fuel, with police in one city firing tear gas to stop hundreds storming the local parliament. Indonesia’s parliament on Monday approved budget amendments that […]

The Act of Killing: clip from a documentary about Indonesia’s genocide – video

Posted on June 26 2013 by theguardian

Watch a clip from Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary about the killing of more than a million people accused of being communists in Indonesia in the mid-1960s. Here, one of the death squad leaders describes in detail how he would execute his victims • Warning: contains footage some might find disturbing This post was submitted by theguardian.

Indonesia president defends his haze apology

Posted on June 26 2013 by Strait Times

INDONESIA President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has rebutted critics at home who said his apology to Singapore and Malaysia over the haze on Monday night was excessive. “The fact is the haze was from Indonesia, so we take responsibility and saying sorry in that context, to me, is not excessive,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “At […]

Indonesia arrests 8 in choking haze

Posted on June 26 2013 by

JAKARTA: Indonesian authorities have arrested eight farmers for setting illegal fires on Sumatra island to clear land after numerous blazes created a thick haze choking parts of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, police said on Tuesday. The farmers were arrested Monday and Tuesday after being caught “red-handed,” said local police spokesman Lt. Col. Hermansyah. He did […]

Do these pictures reveal secret of Dynamo’s double-decker bus trick? (video)

Posted on June 26 2013 by Daily mail / IM

Do these pictures reveal secret of Dynamo’s double-decker bus trick? Fellow illusionist pulled off levitation stunt with a fake arm Photographs emerge of artist Johan Lorbeer performing similar act One shows a metal pole which appears to have supported his weight Dynamo, 30, could have been using fake right arm for ‘levitating’ trick Magician shocked London onlookers […]

Pay-out or pay-off for Indonesia’s poor? (video)

Posted on June 25 2013 by Al jazeera / IM

As the country hands out cash to offset rising fuel costs, we analyse whether this will help or harm the poor. Indonesia is handing out cash to millions of its poorest people to offset the effects of the rising cost of fuel. Prices are increasing by up to 44 percent, as costly state subsidies are […]

Severe smog suffocates Malaysians + Indonesia forest fire smoke chokes Singapore (video)

Posted on June 25 2013 by Al jazeera / IM

Country declares state of emergency even as haze from Indonesia forest fires eases in Singapore. Singapore woke up to clear blue skies due to favourable winds, but Malaysia was still being suffocated by smog from forest fires in Indonesia, where cloud-seeding flights have produced little rain. In response to the severe haze that has hit […]

Senate Backs Border-Security Plan

Posted on June 24 2013 by KRISTINA PETERSON / WSJ

WASHINGTON—The Senate on Monday backed a plan to toughen security along the U.S. border with Mexico, in a key test vote expected to help propel a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws to a broad victory in the chamber later this week. The vote was 67-27 to advance the border-security plan, with 15 Republicans […]

President Obama is Taking Action on Climate Change ( video)

Posted on June 24 2013 by The White House / IM

Tomorrow afternoon, President Obama will speak at Georgetown University and lay out his vision for the steps we need to take to prepare our country for the impacts of climate change and lead the global effort to fight it.   In the video below, he describes why this is the time to take action. Watch it, […]

Indonesia Formally Apologizes for Smoky Haze

Posted on June 24 2013 by AP

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono apologized Monday to Singapore and Malaysia for record-setting pollution caused by forest fires in his country. “For what is happening, as the president, I apologize to our brothers in Singapore and Malaysia,” Yudhoyono said. He asked for their understanding and said Indonesia is working hard to fight the fires, which […]

Singapore Haze Spurs Arrest In Indonesia As Plantation Stocks Slide

Posted on June 24 2013 by Simon Montlake/Forbes

Wealthy city-state Singapore is still blanketed by haze drifting over from neighbouring Indonesia, the result of forest fires set by farmers seeking to clear land on the cheap. It’s a traditional farming technique that has been repeated on a vast scale by plantation companies on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. In response to the […]

Next generation radicals in Indonesia

Posted on June 14 2013 by Jacob Zenn / Asia Times / IM

Driven by strong exports and buoyant domestic markets, Indonesia is projected to be among the world’s top 10 economies by 2025. While the future looks bright for Southeast Asia’s largest economy, a growing tide of religious intolerance threatens to undermine those gains. Where officials have in the past attributed religious violence and terrorism to foreign […]

Indonesian workers stranded in Saudi Arabia ( video)

Posted on June 13 2013 by Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen / IM

Thousands of migrant workers live in Gulf country illegally after their work visas run out. Indonesia has sent a special team to Saudi Arabia after thousands of undocumented Indonesian workers rioted outside its consulate in Jeddah. The workers are trapped in Saudi, living illegally, because either their visas have run out, or they have lost […]

Islamic group shoot dead Syrian 14-year-old boy in front of his parents ( video)

Posted on June 12 2013 by Daily mail / IM

Islamic group shoot dead Syrian 14-year-old boy in front of his parents for blasphemy after saying ‘he wouldn’t even give the Prophet a free coffee’ Mohammad Qataa was shot in the face and neck by Al Qaeda-linked gunmen Teenager was heard arguing while working as street vendor selling coffee Britain has been looking to lift […]

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