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Kim Jong-un leads mass mourning for father ( video)

Posted on December 21 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

Son and assumed heir of Kim Jong-il pays respects as South Korea sends condolences, despite tensions. Kim Jong-un, the son and apparent successor of North Korea’s late leader Kim Jong-il, has visited the body of his father to pay his respects, state media reports. “Comrade Kim Jong-un … paid a visit to the body of comrade […]

Powerful Portraits Capture China’s Empress Dowager

Posted on December 20 2011 by SUSAN STAMBERG / NPR

Intrigue! Riches! Sex! Some violence! Not the latest movie plot, but a story that lurks in the background of some 100-year-old photographs of The Empress Dowager – once the most powerful woman in Asia. The mostly black-and-white photos languished for decades in the archives of the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Now, they […]

North Korea in mourning for Kim Jong-il ( video)

Posted on December 20 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

Secretive nation’s “Dear Leader” dies after massive heart attack, prompting outpouring of national grief on state media. North Korea has declared a period of national mourning following the death of leader Kim Jong-il, who died at the age of 69 after suffering a heart attack, North Korean state media announced. Kim, known in the communist country as the “Dear Leader”, died […]

Migrants feared drowned off Indonesia ( video)

Posted on December 19 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

Only about 33 people rescued so far as boat believed to be carrying more than 250 people sinks off main Java island. A boat believed to be carrying more than 250 migrants, many of them from the Middle East, has sunk off Indonesia’s main island of Java, rescuers say. The vessel, which survivors said was headed […]

Real-life Story of Repentance: From Fishing Fanatic to Vegetarian Volunteer

Posted on December 19 2011 by Lydia / Tzu Chi / IM

Mr. Wu Zhaocai (吳朝財) is a Tzu Chi volunteer.  He was involved in the adaptation of the Water Repentance text and had joined a study group to learn more about the practice of repentance.  Through the study group and learning the repentance lyrics, he came to reflect on his favorite hobby–fishing. Mr. Wu used to […]

How The Army Made A Sandwich That Stays Fresh For Two Years

Posted on December 17 2011 by ELIZA BARCLAY / NPR

For the U.S. military around the world, the enemy can be hard to pinpoint and even harder to defeat. But back at home, the Army has a tiny and vexing foe in its sights: the bacteria that cause food to rot. In this bacterial battle, though, it’s clearer who’s winning, and the evidence is a […]

“A Final March Toward Home”

Posted on December 16 2011 by The White House / IM

With America’s war in Iraq coming to an end, the President welcomed Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to the White House and invited him to a wreath laying ceremony, then spoke to troops at Fort Bragg on ending the war responsibly and standing by those who fought for it. After nearly nine years of sacrifice, the tide of […]

Hong Kong named world’s top financial hub

Posted on December 16 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

“Milestone” for Asia as Chinese city beats New York and London in influential annual survey of world financial centres. Hong Kong has become the first Asian city to top an annual survey of global financial development, overtaking the world’s traditionally dominant financial industry hubs in New York and London. The World Economic Forum on Tuesday said that […]

California’s Stressed Out Schools — Survey of 30 Largest Districts

Posted on December 16 2011 by NAM / IM

The cascading effects of California’s deepening budget crisis and sickly economy are forcing public schools to cope with multiple stresses which could threaten how well students do in school. Until now, most attention has focused on student test scores as a way to gauge the health of a school. Even as federal and state governments […]

President Obama Announces the End of Combat Operations in Iraq ( video)

Posted on December 15 2011 by The White House / IM

On August 31, 2010, President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office to announce the end of combat operations in Iraq. Now, after nearly nine years of sacrifice, the final troops stationed in Iraq will cross the border out of the country in the coming days–marking the end of the war and fulfilling the promise President Obama […]

Time names protesters ‘Person of the Year’

Posted on December 15 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

Magazine honours all the protesters, inspired by the Arab Spring, who took to the streets in 2011 to demand change. From the Arab Spring to the Occupy Wall Street movement, “The Protester” has been named Time magazine’s 2011 “Person of the Year”. The annual distinction is given to the person or thing that Time believes has most influenced culture and the news during the past […]

Salt mine in Poland ~~ AMAZING

Posted on December 14 2011 by Sunny / IM

Deep underground in Poland lies something remarkable but little known outside Eastern Europe . For centuries, miners have extracted salt there, but left behind things quite startling and unique. Take a look at the most unusual salt mine in the world. From the outside, Wieliczka Salt Mine doesn’t look extraordinary. It looks extremely well kept […]

Raditya Rondi Wins Billabong Cherating Pro 2011 – Becomes First ASC Surfing Champion

Posted on December 14 2011 by Widhiari.Murti / IM

Cherating, Malaysia: In an exciting finale to the Billabong Cherating Pro 2011, Indonesia’s Raditya Rondi dominated both the relentlessly pounding South China Sea waves and his fellow finalists to take the Men’s Open Division victory yesterday at Cherating Point in East Malaysia.  With this being the final event of the inaugural 2011 Asian Surfing Championship […]

President Obama Welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ( video)

Posted on December 13 2011 by The White House / IM

President Obama met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Monday to discuss the end of the Iraq war and the steps necessary to realize a new phase in the relationship between the two countries. Since the President has taken office, nearly 150,000 U.S. servicemembers have left Iraq, and hundreds of bases have been closed. […]

UN says deaths in Syria unrest exceed 5,000 ( Video)

Posted on December 13 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

Human rights chief calls situation “intolerable” as violence and nationwide strikes overshadow municipal elections. More than 5,000 people are now believed to have been killed in the Syrian government’s crackdown on protests, the United Nations rights chief has told the UN Security Council. The UN’s Navi Pillay said on Monday there were reports of increased […]

‘Elvis’ monkey and psychedelic gecko found

Posted on December 12 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

The animals, new to science but known to the local people along the Mekong river, were among 208 species discovered. A monkey with what has been described as an “Elvis” hairdo, a female lizard that reproduces through cloning, and a pyschedelic gecko are among 208 new species indentified last year by scientists in the Mekong […]

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