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Passing the American Jobs Act ( video )

Posted on September 17 2011 by elly

President Obama discusses the need for Congress to pass the American Jobs Act to put more people back to work, and more money back in the pockets of people who are working

Visa Pelajar RI ke AS Pecahkan Rekor + 24 Negara Bebas Visa Bagi Turis Indonesia !

Posted on September 17 2011 by KB / IM

Jumlah visa bagi pelajar Indonesia yang hendak berangkat ke Amerika Serikat (AS) telah meningkat lebih dari 20% per tahun ini dan memecahkan rekor. Kedutaan Besar AS, dalam siaran persnya kepada wartawan menyatakan, terus berusaha memperbaiki proses permohonan visa bagi para pelajar. Sehingga bisa menjamin siapapun yang memiliki keinginan belajar di Amerika bisa mendapatkan kesempatan untuk […]

West Wing Week: 9/16/11 or “Pass this Bill” ( video )

Posted on September 16 2011 by The White House / IM

Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, the President  took his American Jobs Act to Richmond, Virginia, Columbus, Ohio, and Raleigh, North Carolina, traveled to all three memorial sites on the 10th anniversary of September 11th, and presented the Medal of Honor to former […]

Doctors practiced twin surgery on dolls ( video )

Posted on September 15 2011 by CNN

Doctors are able to successfully separate 8-month-old conjoined twins after 13 hours of surgery This post was submitted by CNN.

2010 Census Shows 2 Million California Kids in Poverty

Posted on September 15 2011 by Viji Sundaram / NAM

EAST PALO ALTO, Calif.–Once a week, Altagracia Hernandez boards a bus near her tiny two-bedroom apartment in East Palo Alto, Calif., and heads to the Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) on Puglas Road to stock up on a three-day supply of canned foods and fresh produce. If money is really tight, as it often is, Hernandez, […]

USC again beats UCLA in college rankings

Posted on September 14 2011 by Larry Gordon / LA Times

For the second straight year, USC has topped crosstown rival UCLA in U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of colleges. In the rankings released Tuesday, the Los Angeles schools stayed in the same position as in last year’s survey:  USC tied for 23rd with Carnegie Mellon, and UCLA was 25th, tied with the University of Virginia and Wake Forest. Until […]

Secretary Locke, Advocates, And Top Ten Asian American Companies To Be Awarded

Posted on September 12 2011 by Alma Guiuan

Los Angeles, Calif.- Year after year, brilliant, hardworking, resilient and innovative members of the Asian Pacific American business community create milestones and reach extraordinary heights in their respective fields, and in so doing, foster hope and inspiration in the hearts of countless others even in the midst of trying economic times. It is for this […]

The Tenth Anniversary of September 11

Posted on September 12 2011 by The White House / IM

Yesterday, to mark the 10th anniversary of September 11th, President Obama visited Shanksville, PA, the Pentagon and the National September 11 Memorial in New York. Yesterday evening, President and First Lady Obama attended a “Concert for Hope” at the Kennedy center in DC where he spoke about how that terrible day changed us, as individuals […]

Americans going to Canada to find work

Posted on September 12 2011 by John Ferri/CNN

Usually, you hear stories of people fleeing to America, not the other way around. But the jittery state of the U.S. economy is driving an increasing number of its citizens to seek better prospects north of the border. Americans are the latest economic refugees, and they’re heading to Canada. As he prepares to campaign for […]

Bodoh, Rusa Mabuk Tersangkut di Pohon

Posted on September 12 2011 by KB / IM

Washington — Seekor rusa diduga kuat terlalu banyak mengonsumsi apel fermentasi. Alhasil rusa ini menjadi mabuk dan konyolnya, ia tersangkut di pohon. Rusa nakal yang tersangkut di sebuah pohon di Gothenburg, Swedia, ini berhasil membuat tim penyelamat menjadi sibuk. Pihak kepolisian yakin rusa ini mabuk karena memakan terlalu banyak apel fermentasi. “Awalnya saya mendengar orang tertawa. […]

Obama, Bush see raw emotions at 9/11 events

Posted on September 11 2011 by Reuters

President Barack Obama picked up where his predecessor George W. Bush left off in the war against Islamic militants after the September 11 attacks, and on Sunday both saw the raw emotions that linger 10 years later. The 10th anniversary of the attacks marked the first time the Democratic and Republican presidents have appeared together […]

Ten Years Later: Air Traffic Controllers Remember 9/11 ( VIDEO) + Chinese Americans & 9/11: The Changed & Unchanged

Posted on September 11 2011 by The White House / I Rong Xiaoqing / nam

This Sunday, our nation will mark a somber occasion, the tenth anniversary of September 11th. There is much to remember about that day–the thousands of lives lost and families upended, the life-saving first responders at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the heroes of United Airlines flight 93. Today, the Federal Aviation Administration is […]

Police investigating Apple house search ( video)

Posted on September 10 2011 by Mark Milian, CNN

San Francisco – Police here have opened an investigation into the search of a man’s home by Apple employees, an official said Wednesday. San Francisco police were flooded with inquiries and barraged with criticism after releasing a statement on Friday saying four officers had aided Apple, which sent two of its security officials to search a […]

Security increased after US ‘terror threat’ ( video)

Posted on September 10 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

Vehicles searched and vehicle checkpoints set up in run-up to 10th anniversary of September 11 attacks. New York police have amassed a display of force in response to intelligence about a car-bomb plot linked to the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Officers armed with automatic weapons were stationed on Friday at city landmarks […]

American Jobs Act: Get the Facts (VIDEO)

Posted on September 9 2011 by The White House / IM

This evening, the President addressed a joint session of Congress and presented the American Jobs Act, a comprehensive plan to put America back to work. It was created from a set of ideas supported by both Democrats and Republicans, and it acknowledges that if we are going to restore America’s middle class, we need to rebuild […]

President Obama in Detroit: “We’ve Got to Fully Restore the Middle Class in America” ( video)

Posted on September 7 2011 by The White House / IM

Today, President Obama traveled to Detroit, Michigan where he spoke at a Labor Day picnic with workers at a GM plant. During his remarks, the President spoke of the important role the labor unions have played in establishing the “cornerstones of middle-class security:” Work to make sure that folks get an honest day’s pay for an honest […]

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