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U.S. Day Ahead: Falling home price seen slowing in July-poll ( video )

Posted on September 27 2011 by Reuters

The housing sector will be in focus with a Reuters poll of economists expecting the S&P Case-Shiller Index to fall by 4.4 percent in July, only a slight move up from May’s 4.6 percent drop This post was submitted by Reuters.

Diplomat Utang Parkir Rp 6,7 M, Memalukan + Kemlu Tak Tanggapi Denda Tilang Diplomat Indonesia

Posted on September 27 2011 by WK / Kps

Dewan Pimpinan Rakyat (DPR) mendesak pemerintah, khususnya Kementerian Luar Negeri (Kemenlu) untuk secepatnya menyikapi tunggakan utang denda parkir sebesar Rp 6,7 miliar, yang dilakukan para diplomat Indonesia di New York, Amerika Serikat. Persoalan tersebut sangat mencorengkan nama baik negara ini. Hal tersebut diungkapkan dua Wakil Ketua DPR, Anis Matta dan Pramono Anung Wibowo, Senin (26/9), […]

About that $450 oversized baggage fee airlines are charging…

Posted on September 25 2011 by Mary Forgione / LA Times

I saw red when a USAToday survey reported that airline baggage fees had hit a whopping $450. The blogosphere quickly churned with news of airlines charging $400 to $450 fees for oversized bags on overseas flights. Then I took a deep breath and read the story more closely. It says American Airlines charges $450 for bags weighing 71 to […]

Hutang Denda Parkir Diplomat 17 Juta Dolar AS!

Posted on September 25 2011 by WK / IM

New York,  Kalau uang ini betul ada, pasti bisa buat bikin banyak hal di negara berkembang. Bukan main-main, pemerintah Kota New York berhutang hampir 17 juta dolar AS atau setara Rp 153 miliar berupa tiket parkir untuk para diplomat. Diplomat Indonesia juga menyumbang di peringkat ketiga, sampai 725.000 dolar AS atau setara Rp 6,5 miliar […]

“Jurassic Park” Indonesia Hadir di Amerika Serikat

Posted on September 25 2011 by WK / IM

New York,  Pulau Komodo yang kerap disebut “Jurassic Park Indonesia” dan masuk dalam nominasi Tujuh Keajaiban Dunia Baru versi New7Wonders, dipromosikan di Chicago, Amerika Serikat, sebagai “keajaiban dunia sebenarnya”. Promosi Taman Nasional Komodo itu digelar melalui acara bertajuk “Komodo Night in Chicago” yang berlangsung pada Kamis (22/9) di Crystal Garden, Navy Pier, Chicago. Ratusan orang […]

Strengthening the American Education System ( video )

Posted on September 24 2011 by The White House / IM

President Obama explains that states will have greater flexibility to find innovative ways of improving the education system, so that we can raise standards in our classrooms and prepare the next generation to succeed in the global economy. This post was submitted by The White House / IM.

Where did that satellite land?( video )

Posted on September 24 2011 by CNN

A NASA satellite came through the atmosphere, but they’re not sure where the pieces went. This post was submitted by CNN.

U.S. is in falling satellite’s potential strike zone, NASA says ( video ) + Amateur video captures satellite falling to earth ( video )

Posted on September 24 2011 by CNN/ IM

Miami – A satellite on the verge of falling back to Earth appears to have begun slowing down but will not re-enter the atmosphere until late Friday or early Saturday U.S. time, according to NASA. The United States is once again an unlikely but potential target for the 26 pieces of the Upper Atmosphere Research […]

In San Francisco, Parking Tickets Are the New Taxation

Posted on September 24 2011 by Andrew Lam, / NAM

SAN FRANCISCO — “If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” So goes the hit song from 1967 that painted the city as a mecca of openness and freedom. Today, however, the lyrics might go something like this: “If you are going to San Francisco, be sure […]

‘Ground Zero mosque’ opens quietly

Posted on September 23 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

Islamic cultural centre sparked debate last year for being planned near New York’s World Trade Center site.     The Islamic cultural centre drew national attention when it was embroiled in controversy last year [EPA] An Islamic cultural centre close to the site where New York’s World Trade Center once stood has opened quietly in spite […]

Dorms go extreme to lure students

Posted on September 23 2011 by CNN

When most people envision a dorm room, they think of a cave-like space barely big enough to fit a TV, a closet and maybe a mini-refrigerator. But that’s changing as universities are catering to students who want movie theaters, tanning beds, fitness centers and, most importantly, private bathrooms. Over the past few years, schools and […]

The men who crashed the world ( video )

Posted on September 22 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

The first of a four-part investigation into a world of greed and recklessness that led to financial collapse. In the first episode of Meltdown, we hear about four men who brought down the global economy: a billionaire mortgage-seller who fooled millions; a high-rolling banker with a fatal weakness; a ferocious Wall Street predator; and the power behind the throne. […]

China condemns US upgrade of Taiwan F-16 jets

Posted on September 22 2011 by Aljazeera / IM

Beijing summons US ambassador over $5.3bn deal and threatens to undermine ties with Washington. China has strongly condemned US plans for a $5.3bn upgrade to Taiwan’s US-built F-16s, calling it a “grave interference” in its internal affairs and threatened to undermine relations with Washington. The Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement on Thursday that […]

Large satellite chunks could hit Earth ( video )

Posted on September 22 2011 by CNN writer Tariq Malik says the dead satellite could hit sometime Friday, but NASA doesn’t know exactly where. This post was submitted by CNN.

President Obama to the U.N. General Assembly: “Peace Is Hard, but We Know that It Is Possible”

Posted on September 21 2011 by elly

  Today President Obama struck a hopeful note in his address to the United Nations General Assembly on overcoming the numerous challenges that stand in the way of a lasting peace. He advocated for peace defined by more than the absence of war, saying: “a lasting peace — for nations and for individuals — depends […]

Bank fees: Don’t let the bank rob you

Posted on September 21 2011 by Clint Williams / CNN

Free checking is getting harder to come by, but there are ways to keep more of your money. It’s time to add free checking to the endangered species list. No-cost access to your own money may soon go the way of the passenger pigeon and the Caribbean monk seal. But this extinction can’t be blamed […]

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