Ramalan Pesawat Sukhoi Jatuh di Indonesia ( video)

Posted on May 12 2012 by elly

2 Responses to “Ramalan Pesawat Sukhoi Jatuh di Indonesia ( video)”

  1. Koming says:

    During a live Sunday Service at The SCOAN…>>>which Sunday???
    In a subsequent Sunday Service at The SCOAN…>>>no exactly date stated also
    need an original copy of the video from the FBI, or
    this is just a bullshit– !!!

  2. Ir John Luwiharto says:

    In that service, he said, what he saw during praying, a big plane blue colour carrrying passangers missing in the flight in Indonesia, he would advise them (Indonesian and / or Russian authorities ?).
    But this is really disappointed, why he does not do it immediately !?
    Seeing for nothing, useless !

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