Ibadah Perjamuan Kudus GKI Yasmin Diintimidasi

Posted on October 3 2011 by SP / IM

2 Responses to “Ibadah Perjamuan Kudus GKI Yasmin Diintimidasi”

  1. Sue,CA says:

    Indonesia stated that they believed in Bhineka Tunggal Ika and if you go to their tourist site, they proudly talked about the freedom of religious/believed and the people honor each other religions, but more facts are pointed to the opposite, so question is…which part of Bhineka Tunggal Ika that these 'people' believe? or it's just simply a hypocritical!!!! You know what, the world knows about what these people are doing ( burn down the churches and intimidate the worshiper). Shame on these people……and their corrupt goverment!
    If they can 't even give or refuse to protect their own (christian) citizens, who would want to go visit this place?????

  2. leo_mohammed says:

    inilah yang membuat saya murtad dari islam, kasar dan anarkis, tidak beradab dan asusila.

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